Duo - marco sala

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It worked for sixteen years and progressed under Dario De Rosa and Maureen Jones guide with whom the Duo studied at the "Fiesole Music School", working together with the Duo Franco Gulli - Enrica Cavallo too.
It played different concerts in various cities for important Concert Associations (Amici della Musica in Florence, Amici della Musica in Perugia, Cultural Center and Art - Teatro Verdi in Trieste, Gioventù Musicale Italiana, Festival Pisa Estate, Società del Quartetto, Società dei Concerti in Milan). During the 2003 season it proposed to the Friend of Music of the Cattolica University in Milan, the integral cycle of the L.v.Beethoven's sonatas for piano and violin, with great success.
Great promoter of the 1800/900's Italian music, they recorded for the "Ducale" record company three compact-discs with the integrale sonatas for violin and piano by M.E.Bossi, G.Orefice and I.Pizzetti receiving unanimous consensus by the discographic critics.

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