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Marco Sala was born in Como, Italy. In 1987, he was awarded full marks at the Milan “G. Verdi” Conservatory under the guidance of Cristina Carini. He later studied with Alexander Lonquich while attending the “Artist Master Classes” in Verona and later attended the Trieste Trio Chamber Music courses in the “Fiesole Music School”. His solo and chamber activity brought him to play in many European Cities for several significant Concert Associations (Cultural Center and Art - Teatre Verdi in Trieste, Amici della Musica, Società dei Concerti in Milan, Freiburg Konzerthaus in Germany). Since 1990, he has played in concert with the violinist Gianluca Turconi, and recorded three compact discs - 1800/900 Italian music chamber (M.E. Bossi, G. Orefice and I. Pizzetti) for the “Ducale” record company. Mr. Sala has also produced some radio broadcasts for Trieste RAI, such as three Beethoven Sonatas and the complete Schumann Sonatas for violin and piano with the violinist Lucio Degani.
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